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The new generation of scaffolding – Less weight, more performance.
Layher has been the driving force behind scaffolding innovation for more than 60 years. In 1965, Layher SpeedyScaf® revolutionised the industry; and 1974 saw the launch of Layher Allround Scaffolding®, a modular product portfolio that took the world market by storm. But now, Layher engineers have succeeded in developing a special high-tensile steel that significantly lowers the weight of components and are introducing a new dimension in scaffolding: Layher Lightweight. Layher Lightweight is the result of a major, multi-year R&D project with a clearly defined objective: to make scaffolding easier, safer, and more cost effective our customers. The modular Layher Lightweight line will revolutionize the erection and dismantling of challenging scaffolding structures. The use of high-tensile steel allows reduced wall thickness, delivering a significant weight saving and higher load-bearing capacity. The result is lighter components, easier and faster erection, and lower shipment costs. The Layher Lightweight line is also compatible with conventional Layher scaffolding and can be used with existing Layher components.

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Faster Erection & Dismantling Save weight & money without compromising strength

Lighter is faster. Some 80% of the total cost of scaffolding is attributable to loading and unloading trucks, and to construction site erection and dismantling. Layher Lightweight’s reduced wall thickness means a greatly lowered component weight and 10% faster erection of birdcage structures.

Lower Shipment Costs Get more on your truck with lighter loads

A truck‘s maximum permissible payload is determined by weight, not volume. Therefore Layher Lightweight components mean additional savings when it comes to shipping ledgers and standards to and from the construction site. For example, with a truck plated to carry a maximum load of 23 metric tons, you could transport approximately 6,400 m3 of birdcage scaffolding. With Layher Lightweight components, that figure rises to some 7,200 m3. That is 12 % more. That translates into fuel and manpower savings, and is better for the environment.

The Benefits of Layher Lightweight

Lower weight
Enhanced load-bearing capacity
Improved safety
Fully compatible with Layher Allround components
Time-saving construction site erection and dismantling
Cost savings through approximately 10% higher productivity
Approximately 12% increase in truck payload by volume
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