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With the Layher Keder Roof System you can easily and quickly construct an especially lightweight and economical roof to provide protection from the weather for the most diverse applications. That is why this system is frequently utilised for roof refrubishment, adding extra storeys, bridge and road construction sites, or events - they are lightweight and optically attractive.

The Layher Keder Roof is a lightweight weather protection roof (manufactured from aluminium) which can be mounted without a crane up to approximately 18 m. Used in conjunction with Keder rails for wall cladding, it means that the entire construction can be designed to form a lightweight hall.

It has many areas of application, ranging from the roofing during the addition of storeys and the implementation of timber roofs and coverings, weather protection for new structures or refurbishment work on motorways and over bridges through to numerous applications for events and normal work.

The distance between trusses is 2.57 m or 2.07 m for SpeedyScaf or Allround Scaffolding as the supporting structure. It is possible to extend the construction to a height of 12 m without additional stiffeners. Larger spans are possible but require additional construction measures. A special Keder Roof support provides the highest possible level of versatility for all assembly variants and compensates for any tolerances due to the underlying surface. The roof surface consists of high-quality PVC tarpaulins guided using keder rails and forms a watertight covering. It is a non-insulated, rainproof covering under which condensation may form and drip uncontrolled, depending on the weather. Snow loads of up to 0.25 kN/m² are permitted. beyond this value, the snow must be cleared.

The construction is designed in such a way that only every fifth bay has to be fully braced with wind braces. Fewer Keder roof ledgers are thus required in the intermediate bays. Insert connections or snap-on claws at the individual components ensure very short assembly times, while the lightweight aluminium material (approximately 8 kg/m² for the aluminium roof structure) means that no heavy physical work is required: everything is designed to permit simple, clear, efficient assembly. The component dimensions, designed with practical applications in mind, mean that no valuable storage space is occupied unnecessarily.

The Layher Keder Roof is particularly suitable for meeting short-term requirements. Thanks to its versatile system technology and short assembly times, it is also extremely economical and a very attractive overall solution for lightweight assemblies.


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