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The Layher Protect System responsibly meets the special requirements for environmental, noise, and weather protection. Due to its dust-proof design, the system is suitable for asbestos removal, façade cladding, and sandblasting work. Its good insulating characteristics also makes the system appropriate for temporary noise barriers at demolition and renovation sites, as well as at large events!

With the Protect System, Layher can supply a cassette enclosure system which is compatible with the Layher Allround scaffolding and SpeedyScaf systems and which meets requirements concerning environmental protection and insulation from noise and weather.

It is an exceptionally economical solution which boasts Layher’s renowned quality:

  • Only a small number of individual parts, designed for frequent, changing applications.
  • Rapid, easy assembly in a simple, logical sequence.
  • The cassettes are designed for Layher axis dimensions (max. width: 3.07 m) and, with a height of 1.0 m, are very simple to assemble and move into the scaffolding.
  • The surrounding rubber seal makes the cassette elements almost dustproof (façade coating), vacuum-compatible (removal of asbestos), waterproof (sandblasting work).
  • Electrostatically inert and therefore easy to clean.
  • To provide noise protection, it is possible to equip wall cassettes (sound insulation value: 20 db) as sound insulation cassettes (sound insulation value: 26 db) or use cassettes providing a higher level of sound insulation.
  • Light cassettes permit work in daylight conditions within the enclosure.
  • Cassette elements exist for external and internal corners.
  • A specially developed connection rail is used to establish a connection with the existing building or the ground.
  • Practical solutions for horizontal and vertical dimension compensation are available.
  • Scaffolding with bay lengths of 2.57 m can be clad up to a height of 90 m (in the case of 3.07 bay lengths, a height of 50 m is possible).
  • The anchoring layout corresponds to that of scaffolding which is clad with tarpaulins.
  • Access elements compatible with system and individual requirements are available.
  • Layher Protect System:

    A system which meets all environmental and safety requirements and prevents all risks. The individual components of the Protect System can only be supplied ex works from Eibensbach. Metric bay lengths can be ordered subject to delivery times.

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