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Layher North America offers a full range of stairway solutions for temporary access—from simple internal access to stairway towers for public use—and a complete selection of other special application stairway solutions. Layher stairway towers are constructed utilizing standard Allround® Scaffolding vertical standards, ledgers, diagonals and decks and a few additional components—stairway stringers, deck locking clamps and handrails. Stair towers have standard layouts of 10, 12 or 16 legs. All Layher stairs meet U.S. safety regulations

  1. Internal access decks- provide working decks, bracing elements and access all in one..
  2. Platform stairs-used to configure a landing-type stair tower for Allround® or SpeedyScaf® scaffold constructions. Uses standard Layher components.
  3. Platform stair tower-for access adjoining a scaffold or as a freestanding structure secured to a building. Stairs can run in the same or opposite directions.
  4. Modular stairs-construct modular stairs of any dimension utilizing single stair components. Each stair module weighs less than 22 lbs (11kg).
  5. Compact stair tower—for compact spaces such as stairwells during construction. Constructed using standard Layher Allround® components. Height to 30 feet (10 m).
  6. Allround® stair tower 200—Layher′s most utilized stretcher access stair. Constructed using standard Layher Allround® components.
  7. Allround® stair tower 500— ideal for stair access in public areas and as escape stair towers. Constructed using standard Layher Allround® components.
  8. Allround® stair tower 750— for public site use. Complies with U.S. codes. Constructed using standard Layher Allround® components.
  9. The Benefits of Layher Stairs & Access Scaffolding Systems
  10. A Safer System – Layher stairs and access systems are in compliance with OSHA and the building codes for construction and public access, providing the safest possible use in any application.
  11. High Load Capacity – Layher Access systems are suitable for high loads, providing versatile access for work at maximum building heights. A choice of working platforms is available that offers freedom of movement and adequate work space
  12. Fast & Easy Setup – Superior connection technology and lightweight design provides fast, simple erection and dismantling while guaranteeing structural accuracy and integrity.
  13. Maximum Flexibility – Modular system design is adaptable to all requirements. Layher’s range of stairway solutions – from internal access to stairway towers for public areas – feature maximum flexibility, with different exit heights for public and construction stairway towers.
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