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Layher has designed the Allround Shoring Frame especially for constructing support scaffolding. This supplementary component to Allround equipment, available in three different sizes, can sustain loads of up to six tons per standard – and thanks to its integrated rosettes it’s fully compatible with all other Allround components. The assembly of very strong supporting structures using the new Shoring Frame TG 60 in combination with other Allround standard components is thus extremely efficient: quick, yet individual and above all safe thanks to the well thought-out assembly sequence. Quick and efficient assembly.

Rapid assembly and variable use make the new Allround Shoring Frame TG 60 an extremely profitable investment. Time is saved not only thanks to the lightweight components, weighing no more than 18 kilograms, but also by the lower number of parts: assembly is about 30 percent faster than for a comparable structure using individual standards and ledgers. There are also simple yet proven connection techniques with wedge heads, permanently integrated and cast-on spigots, and the option of pre-assembling the shoring towers on the ground and quickly emplacing them by crane. Thanks to their experience in the use of system scaffolding, scaffolding erectors can further increase the speed of assembly.

The variability of the Allround Shoring TG 60 also contributes to its high efficiency. The bay lengths of the shoring towers can be flexibly adapted, depending on the Allround ledgers used, to the actual load and to the configuration dimension of the formwork supports – thus optimizing the use of material and minimizing the assembly time. The use of Allround standard material also obviates the need for time-consuming bracing using tubes and couplers, or for measuring the individual towers to ensure they meet planning requirements. Rectangularity is automatically obtained. Extreme safety during assembly Efficient assembly – and nevertheless completely safe: thanks to the innovative assembly sequence, erectors always have side protection all the way round, even without additional components like an advance guard rail. The use of 1.09 m standard decks as temporary or permanent work levels during assembly and/or for subsequent use, together with the integrated access aid, offer additional convenience. Users also have access to detailed technical documents. Material requirements tables, rating aids for the formwork supports and verified structural analyses ensure additional safety besides the instructions for assembly and use. Maximum flexibility

The possible uses of Allround Shoring TG 60 are extremely flexible and wide-ranging thanks to its compatibility with all Allround expansion parts. Every structure can be individually matched even to complex building geometries: by height equalization when the ground is uneven, by building around obstacles, by special edge or corner solutions, or by extensions using brackets, for example for walkways. The integration of the shoring into an existing Allround scaffolding, or the connection of tall towers to one another using Allround standard components, can also be achieved, as can frame combinations when loads are concentrated. Easily fitted castors permit time-saving movement of individual shoring towers and even of complete shoring structures.

System Advantages
  1. Superior system technology.
  2. ISO 9001 TUV certified.
  3. Strong-verified high load-bearing capacity from 4,500 lbs (20 kN) per tower, expandable to 10,000 lbs (50kN).
  4. Certified consistent component quality.
  5. Stable structure from base out.
  6. Adaptable-components can be used for propping or general scaffolding.
  7. Ease of assembly and disassembly-logical assembly sequence, exact height adjustment, typetested.
  8. Safety-load-locking claw connection is certain.
  9. Economics-optimized, system-based, easy to use first-quality products.
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